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Story Intro
The Jabba's Story

My name is Jeremy Brown. I guess you could say cooking is in my genes. I grew up in a home with a parent who loved to cook. He always felt so much joy when he cooked for other people. When I was younger, watching my dad prepare different dishes and experimenting with foods always excited me. I was amazed because no matter what he did, every dish he prepared was amazing. That memory of my dad will always inspire me.


I’ve always loved fried chicken, but I craved a new tasting experience to accompany my chicken. One day, I was experimenting with some ingredients in the kitchen (like my dad used to do) in an effort to discover that unique taste. After many more experiments and family taste tests, Jabba’s Hot and Sweet BBQ & Dipping Sauce was born. It is an amazing sauce backed by love and the joy of cooking and it is something I was compelled to share with the world.


Jabba’s sauces are engineered to hold tons of real flavor and wholesome ingredients so that one day they will claim their rightful place as the BEST ALL-PURPOSE SAUCE ever made!

Jabba's Beard Balm on Wooden Table Top
Jabba's Beard Balm

Do you have a beard? If yes, then check out our highly requested beard balm. Made from all-natural ingredients like shea butter and tea tree oil, this unique blend will invigorate your beard. 

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